CRE Newsletter

CRE Newsletter

June 2017

Letter from the Chair

Billy McDowellAs we approach the end of Q2, it's hard to believe that we're nearly halfway through 2017. And there's a lot of activity going on at the CRE as we enter the second half of the year.

In this month's newsletter we provide details of a June 20 webinar on our neuro study. If you are a Nielsen client and have not received an invitation, be sure to see the story below and click the "contact CRE" link to request an invite.

We also are in the midst of planning for an event in August (date TBD) when we will report out results from three of our studies. And, in this issue, we chat with ABC's Pat Liguori, one of the CRE's founding members, on a wide variety of issues.

I hope you enjoy this monthly update. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Billy McDowell Vice President, Research Raycom Media Chair, Council for Research Excellence

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Neuro Study Webinar Scheduled for Nielsen Clients on June 20 Expand

The CRE will hold a webinar for Nielsen clients on June 20 at 3pm ET to review findings from the second of a two-phased neuroscience-based study designed to better understand how consumers view television programming and advertising in a multi-platform world. The in-home phase of “The Mind of the Viewer” reinforces that networks and brands have opportunities to engage with viewers but that it’s important to understand how different types of distractions compete for viewer attention.

The study reported findings in three areas: General Viewing Environment, Impact of Second Screen, and the Impact of Co-Viewing.

Findings will be reviewed in the webinar by Nielsen's Dr. Carl Marci, EVP and Chief Neuroscientist, and Naomi Nuta, VP Client Services. The study was led by Howard Shimmel, Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting System and Chair of the CRE's Neurometrics Committee, and Beth Rockwood, VP, Portfolio Research and Chief of Staff at Turner and Vice Chair of the CRE committee. Research was conducted by a Nielsen team led by Marci.

If you are a Nielsen client and did not receive an invitation, please contact CRE.

CRE Plans "Data Day" Event for August Expand

The CRE is planning a "Data Day" event for sometime in August. Watch for a specific date in next month's newsletter.

The agenda will include the reporting out of findings from three CRE studies: "Better TV Data for Modelers" (ROI Committee), "Audio Hybrid Measurement" (Audio Committee) and "Target Modeling Validation" (Big Data Committee).

CRE's New Diversity Committee Holds First Meeting, Seeks Volunteers Expand

The CRE's newly created Diversity Committee, chaired by Annette Malave, SVP, Insights, Radio Advertising Bureau, held its first meeting on May 22.

The committee began laying the groundwork for an initiative designed to enhance the diversity of the CRE's member roster as well as the media research profession. The group discussed a variety of potential activities, including partnering with other professional associations and holding events.

Future editions of CRE Newsletter will provide updates on the committee's work.

Malave said the committee welcomes volunteers who are passionate about the issue of diversity in the media research profession. To volunteer or learn more about this initiative, please send a note to the CRE.

CRE Spotlight: Pat Liguori, SVP of Research and Electronic Measurement, ABC Owned Television Stations Expand

Annette MalaveQ: You have been a long-time, very active member of the CRE, now chairing the Data Quality Committee and serving on the Local Measurement, Steering and other committees. What motivates you to generously devote so much time to the organization?

There are several things that motivate my CRE participation: the desire to learn; to conduct research that isn’t normally done by local stations; and most importantly, to participate in the current evolution of our industry’s measurement methods. I know it sounds like the committee work takes up a lot of time, but it really doesn’t. Our CRE facilitator, Richard Zackon, is very good at keeping our calls and meetings focused and on time.

Q: Given your extensive experience serving on CRE committees, what advice would you offer Nielsen client research executives who might be thinking of volunteering to serve on one or more such groups?

Anyone who’s interested should visit the CRE website to learn more about what committees are active, what past projects were done and what is currently in the works. They should also contact the committee Chair who can provide more details about projects and degree of involvement required.

Q: What are some of the items on the Data Quality Committee's agenda at this time and what are you expecting to tackle in the near future?

We currently have a Non-Response study in the field that will provide multiple insights. First, we’ll compare this year’s study with the CRE’s 2007 Non-Response study, and ascertain the degree to which survey participation has changed in ten years, be it by gender, age, or just percentage of those opting out. Second, we’ll learn if there’s an impact on participation when all or just some of the content consumption devices are required to be metered in a panelist’s home.

Q: What do you see as the biggest research-related issues facing local TV stations?

In the near term, one of the biggest research challenges facing local stations involves how to deal with several substantial measurement methodology and technology changes slated to occur in the next year that have the potential to markedly change the amount of GRPs within a market as well as which stations generate the bulk of them. Trending and projecting will be difficult during this transition, but once the dust settles, perhaps we’ll all be in a better place.

Q: You've been working for the ABC station group in various research capacities for more than 25 years. There have, of course, been many changes in local research over that time. Which of those have had the most profound impact on local stations' business?

I believe there have been two major changes, both profound in their own right. First came the switch to Local People Meters that began in Boston in 2002. Literally overnight, rating points disappeared from each market as the conversions from Set Meter/Diary to LPM measurement occurred. CPPs and CPMs went through “a one-time adjustment” which reset the market to account for the rating points that evaporated solely because of measurement changes.

Second is the introduction of digital measurement. It’s profound not because it showed the migration of some viewers from TV to digital properties, but because its introduction resulted in a double standard regarding the use of TV and Digital data. The former is held to rigorous standards in its use with a tremendous amount of scrutiny on both the buy and sell sides, while, in the early years, the latter was accepted almost “as is” because both sides were happy just to have data! Although there have been improvements, digital metrics still are presented – many times without sourcing the service, geography or periods measured – and accepted for use without knowing the limitations of the data.

Q: Tell us something about Pat Liguori that we might not know.

I’m a weekend equestrian and one of my ancestors is Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, a Catholic Bishop who founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer and died in Italy in 1787. He rode horses also!